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Most Popular Distillation Columns In Use

Most Popular Distillation Columns In Use
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The oil and petroleum industries are engaged with refining crude oil into different components for diverse uses. It is therefore important to make use of the right equipments for the purpose. Most companies catering to this particular industry either sell or service the essential devices and partner with Distillation equipments manufacturers as well.

Using a distillation column that happens to be akin to a still is surely one of the most important equipment needed for separating the crude oil into its respective components where each will fulfill a different purpose in the future. The columns help to segregate them based on their volatility and the industry picks the varieties most effective for its operation at a particular moment.

The best Distillation equipments manufacturers in India and elsewhere usually provide the following types of columns to their clients.

Packed Type – This one is a tower that happens to be vertically aligned. The sections constituting the tower may include ceramic raschig rings, steel pall rings or ceramic saddles that help in increasing the surface area during the process of transference from the gaseous to the liquid form. This is indeed one of the most important phases of the distillation process.

Tray Type – The principle behind the process remains unchanged although the column differs a bit in design. The equipment utilizes a number of trays that are placed at different heights of the tower. Each tray is fitted with a weir that has a layer of liquid right across its surface. The exceedingly hot vapor bubbles created on top of the layer has the ability to strip the surface of the lighter components. The liquid passes on to the tray below once it goes through the weir.

While both the forms are in use, it is the latter that has proved to be most effective. Yes! They are more expensive of the two but are preferred for its ability to separate a number of products properly via distillation of crude oil.

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