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Design Of Tower Internals For Low And Medium Specific Liquid Load

Design of Tower Internals for Low and Medium Specific Liquid Load
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

The main component of the packed columns are the liquid distributors. These help ensure there is uniformity of the flow of the liquid. The distributor remains attached to the column shell. They remain close together at the top of the bed. The holes pattern and the liquid flow are the characteristics that influence the design criterion of the distributor.

Placement of holes

To ensure the uniformity of distribution, they pay attention to both the holes pattern and the liquid flow. The distributor floor has holes or they are present in the sides of the trough. For different models, check the website of the Tower Internals Manufacturers in Pune. The size of the pitch gives the number of drip points. If the specific surface of the packaging increases, the number of points should be more. You should also ensure that the number of points in the periphery of the distributor is the same as everywhere else.

The second thing to watch for is that the liquid flow through each hole is the same. This will remain true if you ensure that the planarity of the distributor is true. You should make holes only by punching and avoid drilling. Look out for high velocities and turbulence. The liquid level must remain constant throughout the process.

Prevention of fouling

Presence of polymers and scales can result in fouling. Coking of the distributor may also result in blockages. If you use medium or low specific liquid load, then you can use a trough type distributor. You can use any fractionation bed and this will prevent the fouling. You can get the details for this from the Oil and Gas Internals Manufacturers in Pune. Here the holes remain punched in the sides of the trough and must remain bigger than 5mm. You must give at least 50 mm clearance from the bottom of the trough.

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