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Liquid Distributors And Packed Tower Internals

Liquid Distributors and Packed Tower Internals
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

The packed internals for your application depends on whether you use a welded vessel or not. If yes, you have to know the inner diameter of the manhole first. The other option is to use a flanged column. After you check the column height, you can start thinking about the liquid distributors.

Choice of the distributor

The liquid distributors come in different models, each having a different load capacity and design. For columns less than 80 cm in diameter, you have the low-liquid load distributor that takes load up to 1 m³/m²h. For loads bigger than this, you must use the channel type distributor. You can get all the specifications for this from the Packed Tower Internals Suppliers in your locality by visiting their website.

For column diameters ranging from 80 cm to 8 meters, you have another set of liquid distributors. These are the midget load distributors, the splash plate distributors, and the high liquid load distributor. And for loads greater than 50 m³/m²h you have a separate type of collector-distributor.

Most common distributor model

The splash plate distributors are the most widely used distributors. The discharge system gives you several advantages including larger hole diameters, fewer lateral holes, and anti-plugging. Also, the predistribution of the feed liquid is very precisely controlled. We do this from the main channel into the individual arm channels. If you need any distillation equipment, contact the Distillation Equipment Manufacturers at their website.

The channel type distributor is a single piece distributor with integral channels. You can install this through a vessel with a removable head. The input of the liquid is through a large central channel. The individual channel bottoms have holes for the distribution of the liquid. You should avoid the use of this distributor type when you have low liquid load and solids present. You also have distributors that have tubes on the sides of the channel.

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