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Study Of Distillation Equipment And Pall Rings

Study of Distillation Equipment and Pall Rings
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

Distillation is essential for many industries. These include the big two - industrial and laboratory distillation - used for petrochemical, research, alcohol, and more. The smaller ones include the food processing industry and the perfume industry. Many kinds of herbs undergo distillation to become the final product that may find use as an aroma or a spice.

Use of Structured Packing

Each industry has specific needs according to the amount to undergo distillation and the need. You can get the specifications of this equipment from the Distillation Equipments Suppliers in Maharashtra. Structured packing in the distillation columns helps increase the efficiency of the process. The structured packing offers a high void volume in the packing bed. It offers very less pressure drop and is highly recommended for vacuum distillation processes.

There is a high mass transfer surface area so you get good separation. The segmented structured packing ranges from the smaller laboratory columns to the large-scale industrial systems. You get a solvent revival and azeotropic distillation. You may use it for close boiling component distillation also.

Pall Rings in the Distillation Process

Pall ring has a use in the distillation process. It is applicable to water treatment, petrochemical, processing, oil and gas, and others. You can use the pall rings for separation and absorption applications under vacuum and ordinary atmospheric pressure. It finds use in the compound ammonia plant, desulfuration, decarbonization, aeration, desorption, degassing, distillation, stripping, and more. For your specific needs contact the Pall Ring Manufacturers in Pune.

The pall ring shape allows high transfer rates of gases and liquids. It has inward bent protrusions and opened cylinder walls that allow for lower pressure drop and greater capacity. The contact surfaces of the pall ring do not allow nesting, fouling, or plugging. You can get pall rings in a wide range of materials according to the need of your industry. It has good mechanical strength.

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