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Teg Contactor And Demister Pad In Separation Columns

TEG Contactor and Demister Pad in Separation Columns
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

To remove the water from natural gas, we use the liquid desiccant system called the glycol dehydration. This dehydration system goes by the name of Triethylene Glycol (TEG) Contactor Columns or TEG Contactor. When natural gas gets collected, it has a large amount of water in it. This is in a saturated state and can interfere with many of the down processes and damage the equipment.

Problems caused by the water

For instance, the water may freeze in the piping or form hydrates with carbon dioxide. And, it can cause corrosion. So, it is important that we dehydrate the gas. The column acts as an absorber for the water. After this, the structured packaging helps remove the moisture. The TEG Contactor regenerates into two columns - Regenerator and Stripper.

In the stripper, we use a reboiler for heating. This removes the moisture from the TEG. Then, the moisture gets soaked when they recycle the dry gas got from the first column. You can get the exact specifications as per your needs from the TEG contactor Manufacturers in Pune.

Types and working of the demister

The demister remains fitted to the vapor-liquid separation vessel. The types of demisters available include vane pack, mesh type coalescer, and others. The intention is to make the mist into drops big enough to separate from the vapor stream. You can use the demister for many applications including brine desalination.

You have many Demister Pad Suppliers in Maharashtra and you can get the best one by visiting their websites. We use the demister to reduce the residence time needed. We achieve the separation of the liquid droplet size through a reduction of the volume. This results in the reduction of the costs. The mesh mist eliminator or the mist pad or the demister pad helps improve the filtering efficiency in the separation column.

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