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Types Of Column Internals Trays And Plates

Types of Column Internals - Trays and Plates
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

Column internal refers to the separation and interaction devices used in the columns. For the structured packaging, this will consist of Liquid distributor VEP, Pipe type liquid distributor, Liquid distributor cum collector, Channel type distributor, and Trough type liquid distributor. For Random packaging, this consists of Pan Distributor, channel type, multibeam support, Antenna type, liquid distributor, and bed limiter.

Uses of the column internals

The application areas include Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Bulk drugs, Oil and gas industries, Pesticides and fertilizers, and Aromatic and essential oils. You can get the specifics for each from the Column Internals Manufacturers for each industry. Here we take a look at the column internals for the distillation columns.

In the trays and plates, the bubble cap tray has riser or chimney fitted over each hole in the tray. A cap covers the riser. You have a space between the cap and the riser. This allows the vapor passage. The rising vapor passes through the chimney but remains held down by the cap. The discharge finally occurs through the slots in the cap. They then bubble through the liquid on the tray.

Working of the sieve trays

Sieve trays are much simpler. They are trays with holes in them. The size of the holes determines the rise of the vapor and the flow of the liquid. The arrangement and the size of the holes will determine the separation of the liquid and vapor. Valve trays have liftable caps. These react to the pressure of the rising vapor. When enough vapor has passed, the caps drop back into place.

The tower internals refers to the plates, trays, and devices used in the tower for getting the ideal efficiency and flow. You can find out the different options available from the Tower Internals Manufacturers in Pune. This will include the following:

  1. Liquid distributor

  2. Support plate

  3. Feed device

  4. Non-metallic internals

  5. Bed limiter

  6. Collector tray

  7. Liquid extraction internals

There are many types of designs available in each. For example, you can have the Liquid Distributor With Flow Multiplier, Distributor V Weir Type, Distributor Trough Type With Parting Box, Or Distributor Pipe Arm Type.

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