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All You Want To Know About Column Internals And Their Uses

All you Want to Know about Column Internals and their Uses
  • By: Sunil Naikwadi

Column internals are the separation and interaction devices used in the columns, the main function of column internals is helping in the structured packaging. Column internals consists of Liquid distributor VEP, Pipe type liquid distributor, Liquid distributor cum collector, Channel type distributor, and Trough type liquid distributor. In case of random packaging, this consists of Pan Distributor, channel type, multibeam support, Antenna type, liquid distributor, and bed limiter.

The various parts of column internals have various functions as well. The principle component of the whole column internals is the Liquid distributors. These have high liquid separation efficiency. With the help of liquid distributors, you can get high accuracy liquid distribution as well. There are numerous column internals manufacturers in India from where you can get your customized column internal for your purpose.

Applications of column internals: -

The application areas of column internals are very vast. These include Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical industries, different chemical gas industries, different chemical manufacturing industries, pesticide and fertilizer manufacturing industries, and Aromatic and essential oil companies as well. You can get different designing patterns, different method of action and different functions of the column internals from these above-mentioned industries. You can customize the column internals according to your requirements and we will provide you the finished products.

Here we are discussing about a general application or mode of action of column internals.

Trays and plates in column internals: -

In the segment of trays and plates, the bubble cap tray has a riser or chimney fitted over each hole in the tray. A cap covers the chimney. You generally have a space between the cap and the riser which in turn allows the vapor to pass. The rising vapor then passes through the chimney but it is restricted by the bubble cap and hence it can’t go out. It gets finally discharged from the slots of the bubble cap and it then bubbles on the tray via the liquid.

Mode of action of sieve trays: -

The trays have hole in them. The diameter of the holes determines the efficiency of the segregation of the vapor and the liquid.

Tower internals: -

The tower internals refer devices that are used to have efficient separation and flow of vapor and liquid in the tower. You can select the tower internals of your interest from numerous Tower Internals Manufacturers in Pune. There are many types of designs available in the market and you can customize them according to your needs. You can have the Liquid Distributor combined with Flow Multiplier and other specific components as well.

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