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What Are Distillation Trays And Column Internal

What are Distillation Trays and Column Internal
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

The distillation trays are used for distillation and widely used for separation of mixtures. There are a number of trays to distillate. These are generally used to separate mixtures and convert them into pure mixtures. The various numbers of distillation trays and column are as follows:-

Sieve or perforated distillation trays: It is made up of a thin sheet which has a number of pores which allow the passage of the liquid through it. When low turndown is required then these trays are the first preference to the public. These are added with antifouling characteristics.

One piece valve: These are the most commonly used valves with the two supporting legs in it. These have a nonrotating tray deck over it.

Bubble cap distillation trays: These are the best advice for the low liquid flows and high turned ratios. They are slightly lower than a valve or sieve trays.

Distillation valve trays: These have a slightly higher tendency and better turndown. These include floating valves, simple valves etc.

Baffle distillation trays

These are usually referred for high capacity, fouling resistance and with a low pressure drops in it. The vapor passes through liquid curtain falling between trays. These are slightly inclined downwards with a specified cross section of the area. The Column Tray Manufacturers used to baffle distillation.

These are extensively used in the various industries for a large number of purposes. These are used to separate mixtures of various liquids at different temperatures that are why these are the most trusting and highly efficient columns:

  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • These devices are highly capable and efficient

These trays have the most efficient and easy ways to use. Even then the holes and the size is designed parametrically well

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