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The High Performer Tower Packing

The High Performer Tower Packing
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

Finepac structures Pvt. Limited provides tower packing at lower affordable. They provide the best packing quality ensuring the strongest quality program. Because of all its qualities this company is counted among the net worthy structures power limited. This designed structure packing finds tremendous usage in the distillation process, scrubbers, chemical processes etc. it also helps in the separation and absorption of various products. As they try to use the best raw material and well known ceramic suppliers and manufacturers they use to mark them at a competitive level.

The criterion for the selection of random packing

The requirement is fulfilled by checking the size, packing and pressure drop etc. It also describes the cost of the packing. Tower packing is a mass of inert and solid shapes. These used to provide high surface area as being used in cooling towers. In order to make a contact, these towers provide a greater surface area.

Applications of tower packing

This tower packing of finepec structures tower Pvt limited to include:-

Aeration: it brings the water and air in contact in order to remove the gases and also oxidizes metals iron, hydrogen, and volatile organic metals. It is one of the first processes at the treatment plant.

Distillation: it is a process in which a substance is separated from a liquid mixture. Due to this process, a mixture is converted into a pure mixture. Distillation Common Manufacturers are used in tower packing.

Precipitation: it is a process in which a particular substance is separated in the form of crystals. and then the crystals are filtered from the liquid

Acid gas scrubbing: It generally controls gaseous emissions. It is also used in heat recovery from various gases of heat.

Depending on the structure the packing may be structured or random.It includes gauze packing as well as high-performance trays . It includes lower pressure drop and high efficiency. There are various types of tower packing are also available.

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