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Finepac Structures Are Specialists In Mass Transfer Technology

Finepac Structures Are Specialists in Mass Transfer Technology
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

The mass transfer solutions for refining, petrochemical, gas processing are mostly specialized by the Finepec. In the field of mass transfer technology, these have experimented a lot and that’s why they are now said to be one of the most experienced companies. By developing the innovative ideas they are now expert in building the best out of the worst. These yields higher valued and technology products to give us the most innovative of them. Other than this they also consider the things which are eco-friendly and easy to use.

How they design their technology?

Their endless efforts and vast experience in the field of mass transfer technology makes easy for them to provide us the optimized process designing with a variety of applications. Bring more advances they use the latest software and cutting-edge process in order to stretch out the best one.

Their way of processing

Their high profile reputation as a result of the experience they collected over a decade. This reputation is providing us with a large portfolio of mass transfer technology with a solution for distillation, striping, liquid extraction, and liquid distillation. Even then they also try hard to expel out the least effective way to complete the process of separation.

Applications related to their technology

By challenging the existing technology, they try to deliver new technologies of solutions for different process and applications. Some of its applications are:

Solvent recovery system: This system highly relates to the Structured Packing Manufacturers.

Product purification: Is especially looks for hi8gh purifying processes

Wastewater and vent gas treatment: In order to keep the environment clean they purify the discharged wasted water by the different industries.

Their art of manufacturing the leading process solutions for oil and gases. Their way to separation in just unique and true.

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