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What Are The Types Of Distillation Columns

What Are The Types of Distillation Columns
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

What is Distillation Process?

Distillation is a widely used technique for isolating the solutions or mixtures which are dependent on contrasts in the conditions required to change the phase of components of the mixture. Another name of distillation technique is refining.

To isolate the mixture of fluids, the fluid can be warmed to drive components, which have distinctive boiling points, into the gas stage. Then the gas is consolidated back into fluid form and collected. Repetition of this procedure, to enhance the purity of the item is called double distillation. This is a technique that is used for various commercial purposes including the production of gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, distilled water, and other liquid forms.

Types of Distillation Column

There are two types of distillation columns; Batch Columns and Continuous columns.

Both columns have different significance and are designed to perform a specific process of separations. Both are different in terms of complexity.

Batch Column

In a batch column, the feed to the section is presented in a batch. That is, the section is accused of a 'cluster' and after that, the refining procedure is done. After the completion of this task, the next batch of feed is introduced.

Continuous Column

As the name suggested, this is a continuous process. In this process, no problem occurs until there is an issue with the section or procedure units. In this process, no interferences can occur until there is an issue with the section or encompassing procedure units. They are equipped for taking care of high throughputs and are the most well-known of the two kinds. We should focus on the class of segments.

It is best to connect with the leading Distillation Column Manufacturers so that you can get the best and high-quality distillation columns.

Components of Distillation Column

a reboiler to give the important vaporization to the refining procedure

a condenser to cool and gather the vapor leaving the highest point of the section

a vertical shell in which the separation of liquid components is carried out

segment internals, for example, plate/plates and additionally packings which are utilized to improve segment partitions

a reflux drum to hold the dense vapor from the highest point of the section with the goal that fluid (reflux) can be reused back to the segment


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