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What Are The Functions Of Static Mixer

What are the functions of Static Mixer
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

A static mixer is an accuracy built gadget for the nonstop blending of liquid materials, without moving components. Normally the liquids to be blended are fluid, yet static mixers can likewise be utilized to blend gas streams, scatter gas into a fluid or mix immiscible fluids.

Static Mixer performs many functions and some functions are including-


Our innovation guarantees a perfect mixing of fluids. The mixing procedure incorporates dilution, balance, division, extraction, etc.The static mixer, through the three mixing standards of division, changes, and reversal, can be fit in with the different mixing process. Contrasted with a traditional Batch System, it is unrivaled in reproducibility, exactness, and steady mixing. Additionally, the static mixer is modest to keep up, vitality effective and space proficient. We convey a wide assortment of models to meet all kind of necessities.

Gas Absorption

The way toward dissolving a gas into a fluid requires low temperatures and high weight. In addition, an expansive contact surface is required. Inside our static mixer, the gas bubbles experience a procedure of minimization, and along these lines, the contact surface is expanded. Accordingly, the productivity of dissolving the gas quickly increments. This capacity can be effectively utilized during the time spent air circulation, ingestion of carbonic gas in the creation of lager, or in the retention of alkali gas in water in the generation of smelling salts water.

Other functions are including Homogenization, Direct heating, Heat Exchange, etc. Always buy static mixers directly from the manufacturers and Finepac Structures Private Limited is the leading and popular static mixer manufacturers who are dealing with many column internals and products. You can buy static mixers in small quantity as well as in bulk. It is the time to get the high-quality products for your purpose.


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