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What Is The Difference Between Structured Packing Amp Random Packing

What is the difference between Structured Packing & Random Packing
  • By: Mr Sunil Naikwadi

The term structured packing alludes to the scope of uncommonly planned materials for use in assimilation and refining sections. Organized packings normally comprise of thin creased metal plates or bandages/networks arranged in a way such that they compel liquids to take confounded ways through the segment, along these lines making a substantial surface zone for contact between various stages.

Structured Packing is obtained from creased sheets of punctured emblazoned metal or wire dressing/work. The outcome is an extremely open honeycomb structure with slanted stream channels giving a generally high surface zone however with low protection from a gas stream.

Random Packing

Random packings, as the name suggested, are dumped into a section amid establishment and permitted to fall in irregular. Little packings emptied arbitrarily into a vessel is surely the more prominent and ordinarily utilized type of pressed pinnacle structure.

Structured Packing v/s Random Packing

Structured packings are impressively more costly per unit volume than random packings. They come in various sizes and are flawlessly stacked in the segment. Structured packing typically offers less weight drop and have higher productivity and limit than random packings.

Structured and Random packings were looked at for their effectiveness in dehumidification of air in a pressed section utilizing lithium chloride arrangements.

Examinations were directed with cross-layered cellulose and poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) structured packings, and the outcomes were contrasted and the information recently got for polypropylene Flexi rings and artistic Berl saddles as random packings.

When it comes to excellent structured packing then Finepac Structures Private Limited is considered one of the leading structured packing manufacturers in India who comes with advance and latest machines and testing facilities. They are highly engaged in manufacturing and supplying Distillation Column, Extraction, Mixing and Internals, Absorption, for Oil & Gas Petrochemicals Industry.


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