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Things To Know About Static Mixer

A series of geometrical mixing components which is bound with a pipe that eventually applies the energy for flowing for combining two or more liquid is known as Static Mixer. It is used for addition gas-gas, liquid-gas, and liquid-liquid. When it comes to buying this mixer, the industries must consider buying from the certified and reputed manufacturer. The reputed manufacturer offers a large array of static mixers in various specifications and siz

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A Brief Overview On Mist Eliminator

It is a widely known fact that consumers prefer to buy the quality product at an affordable from the house reputed manufacturer. This is certainly not an exception when it comes to buying the eliminators. They are highly in demand in various industries as it provided a fine combination of pressure drop and efficiency at a very low cost. There are two types of Mist Eliminator available in the market; one made up of PVC and another made of FRP. It is

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