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Column Packing

Column Packing

Finepac Structures Private Limited caters excellent performance Column Packing that is highly valued by Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical industries. Designed using advanced technique and machinery; we also meet the customize demands of various clients from worldwide.

It is the most important accessory of the column internal. This is used for the distillation purpose. The peculiar shape of our range provides adequate surface area for the expansion and fusion of the gases and liquids. We have manufactured our range using exceptional quality material to ensure that you get world class product from our side.

Available in very low pressure drop, connecting resistant and low bed size, our Column Packing is extremely evaluated by various customers or providers from all around the globe. So, we are praised as one of the world-class Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Distillation Column Packing Suppliers from India.

Its unequaled shape and external geometry forbid the Column Packing from interlock, confirming the entropy and most favorable surface area in the packed bed. All these features and functions have acclaimed us as one amongst the reliable Column Packing Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers from Maharashtra, India.

Features of Column Packing

  • High efficiency
  • Facilitate superior separation with smaller column heights
  • Low pressure drop across the bed results in lower bottom temperatures
  • Energy savings
  • Cost-effective
  • Lower liquid hold-up
  • Lessens heat load requirement

Applications of Distillation Column Packing

  • Distillation towers
  • Absorption and Stripping (where high capacity and numerous stages are needed)
  • Heat transfer (refinery fractionators and olefin plant quench columns)

Technical Specifications of Column Packing

FINEPAC® TYPES SURFACE AREA (SQ.m./CU.m.) F-FACTOR No. of Theoretical stages per meter ht. (NTSM)*
1.25 L/M 125 3.5 1.0
1.70 L 170 3.0 1.5
2.00 L 200 2.7 2.0
2.50 L 250 2.2 2.3
3.50 L 350 1.8 2.8
5.00 L 500 1.5 3.8
7.50 L 700 1.2 4.5
W M 5.0 M 500 2.2 6
W M 7.5 L 750 1.5 9

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