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Column Trays

Column Trays

Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. offers exceptionally designed Distillation Column Trays. We have provided different column trays for various giants of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical industries.We use state of the art machinery and equipment, along with professional working hand. Also, we follow stringent quality control programs to ensure quality products. We manufacture various ranges of Column Trays including but not limited to Fixed Valve Tray, Bubble Cap Tray, Float Valve, Tray Panel Assembly, Bubble Caps, etc..

So far, we are able to design and produce all kinds of counter flow trays and distillation column for any kind of line dimension and can be operated using perforating and flexing techniques. Also, we are involved in providing custom-made designs of Column Trays, verifying the standards of various patrons of all over the world.

We are offering our range in diversified specifications. We manufacture our products using graded raw materials which help in making our range durable and reliable. We are well supported by the team of competent professionals who thoroughly test our product to ensure that clients get nothing but the best from our side.

So, we are esteemed as one of the noteworthy Column Trays Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers from Maharashtra, India. Clients can get facilitated with our bulk availability of Trays at the most competitive prices.

Types of Column Trays

  • Sieve Trays
  • Bubble cap trays
  • Float valve trays
  • Cartridge trays
  • Fixed valve trays

Tray Configuration

We offer utmost deliberation to the underneath key tray design constraints that strike on column process that includes as follows:

  • Active area (or Bubble area)
  • Down comer Clearance
  • Down Comer Area
  • Outlet Weir Height
  • Open Area (or Whole area)
  • Flow Path Length
  • Tray Spacing
  • Number of Flow Paths

Patterns of Tray

We are reputed firm and so we give special attention to following tray designs :

Floating Valve Trays

  • Valves are floating because of vapour flow from the bottom
  • Have no liquid flow under valves
  • Elements are rectangular/round
  • Keep near constant pressure drop concerning variation in vapour flow rates and so valve trays offer higher sustained efficiency
  • Broad legs and locking of valve rotation raises constancy and lessens break to the valves
  • The construction provides superior turn down ratio
  • Fixed Valve Trays

    • Have larger vapour passage
    • Kinds of construction provide high stiffness to the tray deck
    • Fixed valves are conduit like construction and squeezed out from the tray deck
    • Operate at low pressure drops with high capacity
    • Entrainment of liquid droplets is reduced significantly
    • Exceptional stinking confrontation
    • No faction of valves and therefore no wear and trays

    Bubble Cap Trays

    • Vapours travel upwards all the way through risers and distribute with the help of bubble caps
    • Lower vapour/Liquid loads
    • Bell shaped upturned bubble caps have vertical slots that are fixed over cylindrical risers
    • Wide ranging turn down ratios with no howling
    • Effectual dispersion of gas all the way through liquid pool, asserted around bubble caps

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