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Tower Packing

Tower Packing

Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. provides the high performing tower packing at most affordable rates.  Our state of the art machinery and equipment, along with our stringent quality control program, ensures that we will provide the best random packing possible. Finepac Structures manufactures random tower packing in all configurations and sizes to meet your demand. 

We are counted among the noteworthy Tower Packing Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from Maharashtra, India. It is specially designed structured packing that finds tremendous usage in the distillation process, chemical reactors, scrubbers, etc. Our product provides improved surface contact for different states. In the chemical industry, it helps in the separation and absorption of different materials. We manufacture our product using graded raw material. Our state of the art equipment helps in developing product that completely meets the requirement of the industry. Being well known Ceramic Tower Packing Suppliers and Manufacturers, we are offering our item at competitive rates. Our reliable network will ensure that you will get your order in specified period of time.

Criterion For The Selection Of Random Packing

Size and type of the packing, pressure drop and process requirements. Material of Construction viz. metal, plastic or ceramic. Cost of the packing. We also provide technical assistance in selecting suitable type, size of packing

Range of Tower Packing

  • Finalox (FINEPAC ® Metal Rings)
  • C-Rings
  • Pall Rings
  • Cylindrical Rings

Benefits of Applications of Tower Packing

  • Solvent revival
  • Ranging from laboratory columns to large scale process systems
  • Appropriate for batch & continuous distillation systems as well
  • Close boiling components distillation
  • High vacuum process columns
  • Azeotropic distillation

This range is available in CS & all types of Stainless Steel and any other metal as per process requirements.

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